It sounds about right

sorry for the long absence. I promise that from a couple of weeks on, you’ll be tired of seeing me popping up on your screen with some new pictures and stories, but for now I’m still dealing with my last weeks of work and the time to put some of the small updates up on my blog is really limited.

So, about the trip…..It’s starting soon, that’s right!
If my calculations are correct, I should be departing from Sydney on the 15th of February, so I basically have one week without work, to prepare everything, pack, say goodbye to everybody and hit the road, riding toward the unknown, like a nomad.
Matter of fact, I am literally homeless, since i gave up my apartment lease and all my belonging to my adored flatmate.
I believe I won’t need much more that just few things once my adventure has started.

In the meaning while, there are few upgrades that have been applied to my trustworthy Bronte (my motorbike), in the meaning while, such as the KTM Skid Plate and a beautiful and ultra light Wings Silencer, that makes my steed sound so good !

I know what you are thinking….why changing the muffler, when the stock one is perfectly fine?!!
Well, let me correct you on this one, since the stock silencer (that you can see in the picture here) KTM 1190 stock mufflerweights around 6kg by itself, while the new WINGS silencer, it’s only 2.1kg.WINGS Silencer
Saving 4kg in one go, it’s a lot, if you think about that i may have to carry 50-60kg worth of equipment, during my trip!

Anyway, the fitting of the new parts happened seamlessly except for the KTM skid plate, that required some extra labour from the mechanic.
There’s one side of the mounting set, that has to be fitted on the bottom part of the motorbike chassis…that unfortunately comes WITH NO THREAD for the screw to go in.
Very smart indeed, from KTM to prepare the bike this way. I think they assumed that nobody would go for the skid plate…..ever…..but anyway.
Just be careful, if you are thinking about doing the job by yourself, because you will void KTM warranty, if you mess it up.

No problems whatsoever instead for the fitting of my new muffler.
WINGS was an unknown brand for me but apparently it had some discreet success here in Australia and worldwide.
I have to say that I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

Here’s some pictures of the magnificent WINGS muffler that I got from MOTOTOYS, a Newcastle based company that distributes WINGS and other KTM parts on the australian market.
I dealt with a very nice man, named Rod Janzen, that really helped me out with my choice and with my order. The whole process was very quick and efficient so I highly recommend it if you are looking for some parts for your bike.



and obviously, not only it looks terrific, but it also sounds like it.
I’m very happy with my new exhaust and I hope it will make my Bronte fly along the wide Australian roads.

Here’s some audio sample of the new muffler!

Two more weeks and I’ll be on the road !!

Have a great week everybody!

New year Revolution

motivational quoteHi!

First of all, I hope you all had a great holiday with your family and friends.
Christmas and New Year Eve are the first big occasions in the western world to spend some quality time with our dears.

I personally spend my Christmas at the beach, lifesaving with the other volunteers.
The weather was absolutely amazing and it was such a pleasure to spend some good time surfing, swimming and rescuing unexperienced bathers from the rough waters of our beaches! 🙂

But let’s talk about today’s post.
I have so many news that I don’t even know where to start from.

I know, it’s not going to be on national television for its relevance, but personally I had one of the most intense month of my life.

Let me sum it up for you.

First of all, I officially became an Australian Citizen!
Paolo suit(Apologies for the massive picture cropping).
That’s right! Wooooho !!
I can finally say that I’m Australian!
So happy to be part of this great nation and its people!!!

Aussie Aussie Aussie!! Oi Oi Oi !!

But, believe it or not, this is the smallest of the news i have to give you, dear friends.

As you may already know, I’m a keen motorbike rider. Matter of fact, my only possession is my motorcycle, which is my pride and satisfaction.
So, a couple of weeks ago, I decided to give a real good wash to my adored Pegaso.
This is how “my baby” used to look before:
this is how she looks now:ktm 1190 adventure

I know, right?!?
It’s incredible what soap, a good brush and a year worth of saving can do. 🙂
Like a caterpillar becomes a butterfly, my little steel horse became a strong and powerful steed.
Such a remarkable event deserved a proper initiation, so I decided to give my motorbike a name. I mean, she’s going to be my companion for a long time so I should better baptise her with a proper appellative.
Well, ladies and gentleman, let me tell you that, there wasn’t any other name on the list other than….my beloved BRONTE.
She will always remind me of my “happy place” and the wonderful time I had here during the past 4 years. She will remind me of where I come from and where I feel most at home.

But let’s move on to the next big news. This is probably the biggest one.
So, what happened really?

Well, I quit my job.

I know, right?
Well, It’s not over yet.
Starting from February 2015, I’M GOING TO RIDE MY MOTORCYCLE AROUND AUSTRALIA, solo and unassisted, for one year!
Yep, that’s right. I’m taking a 30000 km trip around one of the most beautiful continent in the world.
I’m so happy just thinking about it!
I can’t wait to start the engines and embrace my adventure!
Around Australia
Now, the question that comes spontaneously in everybody’s mind is: WHY?

Why leaving my beautiful life in Bronte?
Well, the answer is very simple.
My life here in Sydney is at the edge of perfection.
I live close to the ocean, I have a fabulous job, I live an healthy life, I do all the activities that i love and my weekends are spent mostly volunteering at the beach.
I’ve been working for the past 4 and a half years with no breaks, whatsoever.
I reached a point in my life in which I think I know what I really need to be “happy”, but somehow I felt that something was missing.
Something inside was telling me that there’s more to see, more to discover, about myself mostly and about this great place, that i can now finally call home.

I believe that a road trip of this magnitude can be done probably once in a lifetime; this moment in my life is the perfect time to do this.
Embracing a new journey, a road trip or a new adventure, has in itself more than meets the eyes. It often allows the adventurer to discover himself through new places and new situations which he has never been exposed before.

It’s a voyage, in which the obvious goal is not reaching the destination, but enjoying every step of it.
Sometimes, you are driven toward a new horizon by your soul not your desire, and there’s nothing you can do but listen to it.
You can try to fight that little voice that tells you to go, to do or to see…..but it’s like you know already that one day you are going to regret it if you don’t do what it tells you to do.
You know it’s right because IT’S YOU TELLING YOURSELF what it’s right for you.

Dropping everything from your life and sail toward and unknown destination is quite scary I have to say.

It requires preparation, determination and a bit of madness. 🙂
I had to ponder about it for a long time before actually starting to put pieces together.

The price to pay to achieve your dreams, sometimes it’s really high, like abandoning your “stability” and betting everything you have on yourself and the IDEA OF YOURSELF, that you have so clearly depicted in your mind.
It’s a BET.


I’ll keep you guys posted.

Happy new year, people!
This 2015 for me will be the YEAR OF THE REVOLUTION!

Me and Bronte


Happy “Happy People Day” !

Oggi, 27 Novembre, e’ la giornata internazionale delle persone felici.

Non cercate di googlare “happy people day” perchè probabilmente non lo troverete….ed il motivo principale è dato dal fatto che me lo sono inventato io 10 minuti fa.

Nonostante io confidi pienamente nelle proprietà onniscienti del web, non credo che “internet” sia così potente.

In ogni caso, volevo solamente postare, con un pretesto festoso, le foto fatte ieri mattina in questo bellissimo angolo di mondo.
Oggi purtroppo non è una bella giornata di sole come ieri, ma è sicuramente un giorno da ricordare per me….

Ed è per questo che voglio celebrare con voi l’ HAPPY PEOPLE DAY.
Se per caso siete anche voi felici di quello che siete, di quello che avete e di tutto quello che fa parte della vostra vita in questo momento, potete anche voi assolutamente festeggiare con me in questa fantastica giornata….
…ricordate….27 novembre….Happy People Day !

Vi sentite poco felici?
Guardatevi intorno.

Il mondo è pieno di persone felici.
Come è pieno di persone infelici.

La vostra attitudine, determina in quale dei due gruppi finirete per appartenere. La linea tra i due mondi, nonostante le apparenze, è molto sottile.
A volte mi sveglio anch’io con le balle girate (most of the mornings i would say)….e sembra che il mondo, tra il lavoro, la stanchezza, 1000 cose da fare, ecc, mi vogliano tenere con  il sedere inchiodato al letto od addirittura buttarmi giù.
E’ capitato parecchie volte, se devo essere sincero.

Nonostante questo, cerco sempre di mantenere il mio mantra ed il mio essere in un tenore positivo.
Svegliarsi e cercare di trovare dentro di se quel sentimento di gratitudine verso la propria esistenza e verso quello che di più puro e sincero ci circonda, aiuta a ripristinare la felicità interna di ognuno di noi.
Facile a dirsi, direte voi.

Eggià. Un paio di metodi che uso di solito per riprendermi sono uno il riconoscere il puro e semplice fatto di essere vivi, in salute (chi più o chi meno) e di avere l’immensa fortuna di poter scegliere la nostra vita come vogliamo che sia, ogni santo giorno.
Nonostante tutte le scuse che si possono trovare, siamo sempre in grado di cambiare le nostre vite; abbiamo questa fortuna.

Il secondo metodo, sta nel riconoscere la bellezza nel mondo che ci circonda; non c’è niente di più gratificante nell’avere la fortuna di essere vivi e di poterci godere le piccole cose che la vita ci regala ogni giorno.
La lista è infinita. Si può iniziare dall’affetto dei famigliari, l’amicizia ed il supporto delle persone care; si può poi proseguire su argomenti più ampi come la possibilità di poter annusare i profumi.
L’infinito piacere che ci provoca sentire un odore che ci piace e che ci ricorda emozioni provate.
Il piacere della vista e dell’impatto che i colori hanno nel nella nostra vita; la fortuna di poter ammirare un paesaggio, le persone o solamente un albero accarezzato dal vento.
La musica….
La poesia e la bellezza, sono  ovunque attorno a noi.
Ci sono diverse cose che prendiamo per scontato ogni giorno e che invece possiamo usare come punto d’appiglio per ricordare a noi stessi di quanto la vita, in se, sia meravigliosa.

Quindi….happy HAPPY PEOPLE DAY, in caso anche voi stiate fondamentalmente riconoscendo il fatto di vivere un’esistenza felice.
Happy People Day, vuole essere un’ode a chi non si ferma all’apparenza delle cose ma a chi decide di dare un’occhiata a quello che di profondo e veramente importante ci viene regalato ogni santo giorno, quando ci svegliamo al mattino: la possibilità di vivere la nostra vita come desideriamo.

Happy Happy People Day !!