Tyres Guide

A Perfect Guide To Tires

As a motorcycle enthusiast, you want to make sure that you’re getting the best gear and material for your ride. One of the most crucial components that you can buy is your tires, as these will determine how well you can handle the road, and ensure that you don’t spin out or crash into anything. While many tire manufacturers make models for motorcycles, like Pirelli, Continental and Michelin, there are few instead, like Metzeler, that specialize only in bike tires.

Exploring your Tire

If you’ve never really paid attention to your bike tires, now is the time to start.
Don’t leave it up to chance or price to determine the best ones for your ride. There is a wealth of information that can tell you which model will work best for your motorcycle. When it comes to motorcycle tires, there are certain components that you should pay attention to when picking out a set.

Knowing the Numbers

If we told you that a particular tire had , for instance, a rating of 120/70 ZR MC 17/58W TL, would you know what that means? These numbers and letters vary slightly depending on the brand you use, but this is what Metzeler has, so it’s important that you pay attention to it. Let’s break it down piece by piece.

120: tire width in millimeters

70: tire aspect ratio in percent

ZR: construction type (biased or radial carcass)

M/C: for motorcycle-only

17: rim diameter in inches

58W: load and speed index code

TL: tubeless. There is also TT for tube type

Load and Speed Index Code

While the rest of that data is somewhat easy to follow, one thing that you have to pay attention to the most is the load and speed limitations of your tire. There is an index that you can check to see what exactly they are. Therefore, if your tire is rated for something like 100 miles per hour, don’t go over that speed or you could damage the rubber or have a blowout. Similarly, the load refers to how much weight you can carry, so if you take passengers or luggage, be sure that they can handle it.


So far, in my travels, I’ve used several types of tires, but overall the best one I’ve used so far is the Metzeler Karoo3.
This is absolutely my favourite for dry, wet, sand, mud, dirt, gravel and…look, ever!
I went absolutely everywhere with these on and I always managed to make it out of any situation i encountered.

If you want to find Metzeler tires for less, check out bikebandit.com

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