Motorcycle Extras

To the original motorcycle, which was already a great piece of machinery and didn’t really needed anything extra, I added just few more features to prepare it to a longer than usual journey.

Crash Bars:
Bike comes with no crash bars from factory. Only a small plastic one that is probably more for mud than anything else. Why? Well, I don’t know, because I think that this is one of the most useful thing you can purchase for your motorcycle.
On top of this, these orange KTM crash bars, look terrific on my Bronte too.



Bash Plate:
Another indispensable extra that cannot miss from your motorcycle is a bash plate; on my Bronte i fitted the KTM one, which is made of solid aluminium.
It protected my bike from several hit and collisions with rocks and threes that I found on my way, while going of road. It also protected my bike when i accidentally hit a dead kangaroo that was lying on the road.
Not a big hustle to be removed, when servicing the motorcycle; only thing to make sure is to keep checking the screws if are there or not. Vibrations are the first enemy of these “non standard” extra parts.
Also, the right end thread in the main chassis has to be done before fitting any bash plates. Make sure you do a good job, because you will end up ruining the possibility of fixing it properly on your motorcycle.

KTM 1190 Adv   DSC_2676

Radiator Guard:
Not much to say about this one. It falls in the same category as the crash bars in my opinion.
Just get one. Even if you are sticking to the tarmac all the times.

Wings “Silencer”:
Well, the reasons why i got this muffler instead of the most common Akrapoviç is that, Akro are $1600 AUD. Wings are $800.
I mean, the only purpose of this change on my motorcycle is to remove a good 4kg from it (6.3kg the stock one and 2.4kg the Wings one) and at the same time minimise the heat production, that may cause a potential hazard for a soft bag, hanging right on top of the muffler.
On top of this, Wings silencers offer an INCREDIBLY GOOD sound. I’ve been told by Harley riders that my bike sounded great (with no DB Killer). Enough said. 🙂

In case you want to hear it, here a video of it:

Oiled Air Filter:
One of the only “flaws” of the default version of this motorcycle is that it comes with a standard paper air filter.
If you intend to take your beast to more exciting territories, you need to replace your paper one with a nice oiled spongy one.
It’s a quite long procedure, due to the fact that the main Air intake is situated under the fuel tank, but following one of the many online guides that you can find on youtube, you can probably do it yourself, like i did.
Here are some pictures I took during the process.

Heated Grips

Why not? Tasmania can be cold at times. It reached 2 degrees and it was floating around 7-8 during the day most of the times on the west coast.
If you didn’t carry proper winter gloves like me, these can come in handy.