Technical Equipment

With me I also carried a relatively large number of electronic devices which could resemble necessary to you or not, but I did decide to take all these things with me.
Would I do it again? Maybe.
Would I carry something differently next time? Yes.
Thing is that you never know what you really need until you do it.

DLSR Camera + Lenses + charger
1 Compact Flash card 32GB
4 Flash Card 8GB each
15″ Laptop + charger
1 4G capable Smartphone + charger
GoPro Hero3+ Black
Selfie Stick for GoPro
GoPro Case for accessories and extras
2 1TB hard drives for redundant backup of pictures and video (the two drives contained the same info but I stored them in different places and one of them was shockproof)
1 USB battery pack
Spot 3 Tracker
GPS TomTom Go + Motorcycle harness and waterproof case
Solar panel charger for Cellphones and GoPro

SOFTWARE (apps):
Wikicamp (the best resource for maps, camping and locations updated day by day by thousands of users). ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY
Google maps, booking app, hostels app, and a good browser for your phone.

What I WOULD NOT bring next time with me??
Well, first of all, my laptop. Too heavy. Too bulky. Unnecessary. You can find computers and stations to download you pics and back them up anywhere.
GPS. not needed. Sealed roads are very well marked and directions are indicated precisely. Off roads are anyway not marked, but common sense is lightweight.
In the city, you need it, but asking to people never killed anybody.
Selfie Stick. I used it twice and it snapped. Never used it again.