Riding Gear


Good old biker look

For this trip I didn’t really bought anything special except my riding boots.
Everything I wore, I had it already.

Jacket: My Dainese leather Jacket is from 1999, and was my first motorcycle jacket.
It has a insert that can be removed for when it gets hot so it can’t really be worn with heavy clothes underneath; so, once more, it served me well agains wind and rocks shooting at my chest, from passing by trucks or bikes. It had elbows and shoulders pads.

Pants: At first I had these Jeans (picture above) that had a major cut around the knees. At a certain point they completely opened up, leaving my knee exposed; it was like riding with shorts.
So I went to K-mart and bought a $15 bootleg jeans (pic below). They are still alive and I rode something like 25000 km with them.  They dry up very quickly too.


a more winterish look

Not really recommended; it could be dangerous if you ever come off the bike.
I would buy proper adv pants next time.

Boots: What a fantastic surprise were my Forma Adventure boots. Never had boots before in my 30 years of riding and never really felt the need of buying anything like this for short commutes. Now, I will not ride without these marvellous and comfortable riding boots. They are not cheap but I believe that $300 is less than a 6 months ankle injury. I came of my bike only once and the whole weight went right on my ankle. Boots saved my foot. End of the story.

Gloves: I had a nice soft leather gloves from DriRider and a pair of Motocross gloves for really hot weather. Both served me well.

Helmet: My old OGK, a bit worn out. I had to wear earplugs all the times, because the noise insulation was completely gone. It was still waterproof and fog proof. It’s a cheap helmet but I believe that overall the Japanese quality saved me a couple of times.

Rain Gear: Because i didn’t have anything waterproof I had to carry an extra Jacket and pants to wear on top of my outfit to protect myself from waters. This set is probably 30 years old and it’s still rocking it hard.


fashionable and stylish as always

It’s what you wear to go on sail boats, not that thin plastic material kind of thing that you buy at the gas station; this is WATERPROOF. No water goes in even if they shoot you with fire hydrant hoses. But yes, I had to carry it in my bag as extra.