Some enduro practice in a beautiful land

Hello beautiful people,
i just came back form an incredible 5 days in one of my favourite places on the planet, which is Sardinia.
It’s a “small” island just few hundreds km out from Italy, in the middle of the mediterranean sea.
This land is inhabited by fantastic people which live in close contact with one of the most beautiful sea I’ve seen in my life and kissed by the sun, for most of the year.
Sound like a small Australia to me! 😉

This land, other than having exquisite food and traditions, have some of the best terrains for Enduro cross.

Matter of fact it has been one of the selected location of the ISDE, the International Six Days of Enduro, few years ago.

In our small venue instead, we were able to explore the nearby mountains and mining towns, under the sapient guide of some locals, friends of our.
Thank you again Alessandro and Antonio, from Monte Majore Agriturismo.
We felt completely at home and in company of brothers.

What a fantastic place you have there!!

Here is some of the footage i captured with my GoPro and my DSLR.
Sometimes the tracks were so tight that tree branches were hitting me and my poor camera.
Shaking and vibrations were rattling my bones, but i assure that the smile was always on my face.


Video On Youtube (not visible unfortunately yet in Germany and USA for music copyright issues). I’m trying to upload it on my portal but it has been a challenge. Hang in there!

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