Travelling around Australia, one step at the time

152km of uninterrupted sand

walking on one of the longest beaches in the world “90 miles beach”

As you may have noticed (…) my trip around Australia has started.
I’m about something more than a month in and I’m basically still in Tasmania.
Took me just 10 days to stroll down the east coast, but I spent almost a month now in Tassie. What a place guys! Geez!
I don’t want to leave!
Good food, good places, good people, good roads, good weather (yeah, you heard me!!).
Maybe I got lucky or something, but my experience so far has been beautiful.
Unfortunately there’s still a long way to go, so I may have to take that ferry back soon and come back to the mainland, regardless the bitter feeling of leaving behind this fantastic State.

My apologies for not posting anything here on my blog, but the “problem” about being constantly on the road is that doesn’t allow me to have time to sit down and publish written content every day; instead I found that feeding picture through Instagram is possible, regardless the unavailability of power sources or wireless connectivity in my surroundings.
Mobile technology is great isn’t it?

I have plenty of good material that I would love to share but I think it’s better to wait until everything is on the table.
I prefer for now just to keep telling my story via Instagram and unfold my terrific comments and thoughts in a second moment (thank god, right?!).
There’s a downside about this though; the way Facebook and Instagram work together is that this last one feeds my personal profile (not my wOZuup group page as it should, unfortunately) so I end up having pictures posted somehow in the “wrong” place.
Anyway, no drama!
I’ll make sure that once the whole thing is ready, you’ll be able to have a look at it, regardless the fact that we are Facebook friends or you just liked my community page, ok?
(you should hit both, in my opinion!) 🙂

My first impressions about this adventure are absolutely positive, obviously.
This trip turned out to be more interesting and more intriguing than I expected.
At times It can become tedious to be constantly on the move, pack every morning and riding around with a motorcycle that weights like a small elephant.
Sometimes you have to face mother nature harshness, others you have to face your own fears.

The good part is that at the end, no matter what, you end up with something learned…something to share…something to keep.
So far I have no words to express how great this experience is and how glad I am that I have all these beautiful people (YOU) to support me, liking what I’m doing and what I’m trying to share.
As the picture above shows, I still carry with me my “Pure Bronte” heart and all the things and people that belonged to the beautiful life I had in Sydney.
So, I know that one day I’ll come back home.
But for now, I still need to follow my spirit and keep going.
Adventure awaits.

I’ll post more content about my adventure on Instagram (@paolocattaneophoto), Facebook (Paolo Cattaneo), Twitter (wozuup) and Tumblr (wozuup).
Otherwise you can always come back here and check where I am, clicking on the link at the top of the right sidebar –>
Find me spot allows me to feed my last 50 checked positions, so you can always (or almost) see where I am.

That’s it for now!
keep following me guys!
It’s always good to travel with friends! 😉


3 thoughts on “Travelling around Australia, one step at the time

  1. The two green lights on the picture of the star-studded night in Tasmania are your guardian angels, Sara and Robert, from Bronte. No–they are two NSA drones that we sent after you to watch over your trip!

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