It sounds about right

sorry for the long absence. I promise that from a couple of weeks on, you’ll be tired of seeing me popping up on your screen with some new pictures and stories, but for now I’m still dealing with my last weeks of work and the time to put some of the small updates up on my blog is really limited.

So, about the trip…..It’s starting soon, that’s right!
If my calculations are correct, I should be departing from Sydney on the 15th of February, so I basically have one week without work, to prepare everything, pack, say goodbye to everybody and hit the road, riding toward the unknown, like a nomad.
Matter of fact, I am literally homeless, since i gave up my apartment lease and all my belonging to my adored flatmate.
I believe I won’t need much more that just few things once my adventure has started.

In the meaning while, there are few upgrades that have been applied to my trustworthy Bronte (my motorbike), in the meaning while, such as the KTM Skid Plate and a beautiful and ultra light Wings Silencer, that makes my steed sound so good !

I know what you are thinking….why changing the muffler, when the stock one is perfectly fine?!!
Well, let me correct you on this one, since the stock silencer (that you can see in the picture here) KTM 1190 stock mufflerweights around 6kg by itself, while the new WINGS silencer, it’s only 2.1kg.WINGS Silencer
Saving 4kg in one go, it’s a lot, if you think about that i may have to carry 50-60kg worth of equipment, during my trip!

Anyway, the fitting of the new parts happened seamlessly except for the KTM skid plate, that required some extra labour from the mechanic.
There’s one side of the mounting set, that has to be fitted on the bottom part of the motorbike chassis…that unfortunately comes WITH NO THREAD for the screw to go in.
Very smart indeed, from KTM to prepare the bike this way. I think they assumed that nobody would go for the skid plate…..ever…..but anyway.
Just be careful, if you are thinking about doing the job by yourself, because you will void KTM warranty, if you mess it up.

No problems whatsoever instead for the fitting of my new muffler.
WINGS was an unknown brand for me but apparently it had some discreet success here in Australia and worldwide.
I have to say that I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

Here’s some pictures of the magnificent WINGS muffler that I got from MOTOTOYS, a Newcastle based company that distributes WINGS and other KTM parts on the australian market.
I dealt with a very nice man, named Rod Janzen, that really helped me out with my choice and with my order. The whole process was very quick and efficient so I highly recommend it if you are looking for some parts for your bike.



and obviously, not only it looks terrific, but it also sounds like it.
I’m very happy with my new exhaust and I hope it will make my Bronte fly along the wide Australian roads.

Here’s some audio sample of the new muffler!

Two more weeks and I’ll be on the road !!

Have a great week everybody!

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